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Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Services
Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Services

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We offer design, manufacturing, and assembly services of high quality custom welded hydraulic cylinders. All of the products we design and manufacture are customized to your specific needs.
Areas of service are:

Brand new design and application
Design Correction 


We design and manufacture many cylinder       styles including, but not limited to:
Hollow Rod
Piggy Back
Single acting
Double acting
Big/large bore

Available cylinder mount styles include trunnion, flange, plates, clevis, crosstubes and arms. All of our cylinders are customized, and we offer value added components including manifolds and counter balance valves.  


Pneu-Hyd manufactures hydraulic cylinders for various industries & applications including:
Automotive               - Auto Lifts
Manufacturing          - Mining
                                 - Gas and Oil Industries
                                 - Aggregates
                                 - Marine
Material Handling      - Forklifts
                                 - Lift Tables
                                 - Scissor Lifts
Agriculture                - Tractors
                                 - Farm Implements
                                 - Attachment Products
Truck and Trailer      - Ladder Trucks
                                 - Dump Trailers
                                 - Liftgates
                                 - Aerial Trucks
                                 - Cranes
Construction             - Cement Mixers
                                 - Excavators
Waste Management - Garbage Trucks
                                 - Compactors & Balers
                                 - Hoist Trucks

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