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Pneu-Hyd Industries

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Pneu-Hyd Industries is a North American manufacturer and designer of custom hydraulic cylinders including but not limited to single acting, double acting, displacement, large bore, telescopic and piggyback.  Pneu-Hyd is an ISO 9001 certified, lean manufacturing company offering superior quality and short lead times.

We are built to design, develop and manufacture custom Hydraulic Cylinders. With over 40 years of experience we are experts at building and establishing long term business relationships that offer optimal products, services and culture that you will come to know and depend on. We understand the challenges you face regarding accuracy, complexity and timeliness; and offer a manufacturing service that excels in quality and delivery at a fair market value.

Our sales and engineering departments will work with you to design and manufacture cylinders to meet your specific application. Using SolidWorks software our engineering team will work with you to develop a custom design and drawing that fits your needs.
Pneu-Hyd has retained its history while also being able to adapt and change with today’s market.